We think that the dialog and communication are the best tools to achieve a product completelly alligned with our customers needs and expectations.

Because of that, we have a procedure based on the continous tracking and assesment of the requeriments and current needs, during all phases of the project.

Most of the job is done remotelly, making easier the access for our customers through a private zone where you can check the all developments of the product.

Initial Assesment:

  • Requirements:
    • During this phase, you will tell us all your needs, and with the help of our experts we will build the initial picture of our product.
    • That could be just the execution of a very well defined service, or the whole management of full project. We will take care of all your technical and creative needs.
  • Goals:
    • Putting together, the initial requirements and assumptions and your gals, we can start working together in our project.
  • Research> What do we need? Is it feasible? At what price?


  • Project Plan:
    • Now that we have all the information, is time to create a comprehensive project plan, with milestones and objectives to be able to track the progress of our project and guarantee a proper communication with our customers. We will always prioritize quality, time of execution and costs to guarantee an efficient plan and product.
  • Architecture:
    • Depending of the product agreed, our experts will suggest the optimal platform/arquitecture to develop the service. This decision will be based on a trade of of quality and cost.
  • Creativity:
    • One of our main assests is our Creativity. With that, our educational experience and the most advanced techniques, we can guarantee the success of the final product.


  • Development:
    • During the development of the product, you will always be able to check and see the partial results, therefore, if we need to change something during the project, you will be able to spot it, let us know and we all will save time. This process guarantees a very efficient methodology and also an well adapted final product.
  • Periodic Meetings to adjust requirements and expectations:
    • Because we consider that flexibility and transparent communication are key to align our expectations and guarantee a successful service.
  • Quality: products testing:
    • All our products are deeply tested y us and, of course, by our customers, before the final delivery.


  • Implementation::
    • We can take care of the final implemantation in your prefered environment.
  • Assessment:
  • Post-Sale Monitoring, Maintenance and Support.
    • We can look after your product with a post-sale service of maintenance, support and monitoring.


We think that dialog and communication are the best tools to achieve a product with the quality expected by our customers and adapted completelly to their needs.

Most of the job is done remotely, creating a safe area in our webpage to be accessible by our customers and this way check and interact during the development process.



Our activity started more than 7 years ago. We saw an opportunity in:

– Internet everywhere.
– Just a few educational games in Spanish or Multilingual.
– Support for homeschooling and for "traditional" schools.

And we focused on:

– Development of all kind of on-line educational resources: games, stories, activities,...
– Development of professional educational environments.
– Web Pages Design.